Challenging the ‘trends culture’

The culture of trend shopping is damaging. Not only does it perpetuate inequalities within society but is extremely detrimental to our planet and those working along supply chains. If COVID-19 has highlighted anything, it is that as consumers we have become more conscious of what we buy, as we are faced with a change in our everyday priorities and lifestyles. Only shopping for essentials has shown us that prioritising needs over wants for the first time in decades is actually not that difficult. However, the fact that it’s taken a global pandemic to highlight this, only shows the importance of this message: trend culture is harmful to people and the planet.


Shop your locals (part two)

Here’s a few more of those fabulous local shops to support in this challenging time. With things changing daily, it’s important to show kindness to our local community, including those wonderful independent shops who are the heart and soul of York’s high street.

Shop your locals

In these uncertain times, it’s now more than ever so so important to support local, independent businesses. With so many having no options but to close up shop, many have chosen to move online or trade in different ways. In order to sustain the businesses, support livelihoods and protect our beloved high street in the months to come, try and make shopping locally a priority.