A peek inside your wardrobe: 5 things you will discover

Over lockdown, I've been living in the same repeated outfits, mainly consisting of old leggings, pjs and hoodies. Feeling uninspired to wear anything other than comfort whilst at home over the past several weeks meant that everyday has felt like a Sunday. At first this was very welcomed, but the novelty quickly began to wear off. Being somewhat over enthusiastic about the prospect of wearing jeans to the supermarket, I knew something had to change. This is when I decided to open up my wardrobe and invite my much loved clothes back into my lockdown life.


Challenging the ‘trends culture’

The culture of trend shopping is damaging. Not only does it perpetuate inequalities within society but is extremely detrimental to our planet and those working along supply chains. If COVID-19 has highlighted anything, it is that as consumers we have become more conscious of what we buy, as we are faced with a change in our everyday priorities and lifestyles. Only shopping for essentials has shown us that prioritising needs over wants for the first time in decades is actually not that difficult. However, the fact that it’s taken a global pandemic to highlight this, only shows the importance of this message: trend culture is harmful to people and the planet.

Brands That Care

As promised, here’s a list of sustainable fashion brands that provide amazing alternatives to fast fashion. This list is not definite, and I’ll make sure to keep it updated when I discover other amazing brands. Do let me know if there’s any brands you think I should put on the list, celebrating their consideration for others and the planet!

Some thoughts on sustainable fashion

It’s Fashion Revolution week. A week that remembers the horrors of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013 and fights for much needed change in the fashion industry. This week may go by fast and you may blink and miss this campaign, but it’s crucial that current fashion habits of trend buying begin to slow if we are to make a substantial difference to the harmful and detrimental effects of the current fashion industry on the world’s poorest and our suffering environment.

Sustainable Fashion Tips

Being aware of alternatives to the high street has certainly made me more conscientious when purchasing clothes. I’d figured I’d write up a few ideas of how I am attempting to become more sustainable and yet still allow myself to enjoy shopping and fashion, whilst having a wardrobe to be proud of.

All that glitters…

Jewellery can be a very personal and sentimental accessory, with many a piece proving invaluable to the owner. The beauty of these accessories means that the individualist nature shines through to complement not only your personal style but also reveal a subtle clue as your true nature. As such, I figured I’d talk about my daily jewellery essentials; those pieces to which I hold dear and how I style them.