3 things I’ve learnt from living alone…

As I mentioned in my brief life update, I am currently living alone in my rented flat. The main factor in relocating was for my work and, I won’t lie, being further from my family during the pandemic has been tough, especially going into our currently lockdown (Jan 2021). However, from just living alone for such a short time, I have learnt a few positive lessons that I thought I’d share, in case any of you are considering living alone or currently live alone.


A brief life update…

Hello, how are you? Long time no see e.t.c. ... Well 2020 was certainly a strange old year and just as I found my blogging stride again, I then lost it twice as fast. That being said, I felt it was only about time to update my blog and where best to start that with a brief life update, to explain my blogging absence. Although with 2020 being so pants, I feel no explanations are in fact needed.

The next chapter…

And just like that my days of being a care-free student are over. “Welcome to the real world”, as some may say. Whilst I’m still currently working out the plot for the next chapter of my life (watch this space!), I wanted to reflect on the closing of the current one.


"In a world where you can be anything, be kind” These words resonate at this time. The current crisis has shown us the potential and power of kindness, in its ability to unite our nation, bring together local communities and strengthen our relationships with friends and family. These times have been tough, but acts of kindness, whatever they may be, are a saving grace, providing feelings of love, happiness and protection and the knowledge that you are never alone. Unsurprisingly, kindness was selected as the theme for Metal Health Awareness Week 2020.


As the annual celebration of love has swiftly passed us by, like a fleeting holiday romance, it’s quite possible to forget the vital role love plays in all our lives, each and every day. Whatever your relationship status on Facebook, love transcends into our lives through the things, people and places we cherish. So, whilst Valentine’s Day 2020 might be over, there’s no better opportunity to fondly reflect on who and what we love.

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Sitting here, full of all the Christmas goodies, this has got to be one of my laziest weeks so far in 2018. Yet now the festivities have all surpassed *cries*, I have had ample time to reflect on the year gone by, mostly with fond memories, but naturally with lows too. Yet a New Year brings a fresh start and with that a bunch of cliché resolutions.

Driving Home for Christmas

With the end of first term drawing to an eventual close, mirroring the dawning of the minimal daylight hours, it arrived, at once, time to pack up my belongings and leave York for a Christmas holiday back home with my family.

20 Before 20

With only a month to go before the big 2 0, I found myself reflecting on the past years, with second-hand embarrassment coming a close second to a feeling of excitement.  Will life truly begin in my twenties?