Let’s talk about plants…

Moving into a new flat meant one thing - time for some more plants! Staying home pretty much 24/7 in 2020, I wanted to create a space that was relaxing and comforting, and what better than a bunch of plants to keep my zen. Staying true to this in 2021, (with another national lockdown to thank!) I am embracing the dutch idea of niksen - stress management by doing nothing - and what better way to embody this idea than by doing nothing in my own indoor jungle.


Plants, plants and more plants

Conforming to the typical student stereotype, I found myself blossoming into a crazy plant lady in the final term of first year.  However, the new academic year has only fuelled my love of plants, much to the dislike of my bank balance.  Moving out of uni halls has given my creative streak a chance to finally flourish. Determined to make my new student house a home, I have acquired many a plant along the way.