3 things I’ve learnt from living alone…

As I mentioned in my brief life update, I am currently living alone in my rented flat. The main factor in relocating was for my work and, I won’t lie, being further from my family during the pandemic has been tough, especially going into our currently lockdown (Jan 2021). However, from just living alone for such a short time, I have learnt a few positive lessons that I thought I’d share, in case any of you are considering living alone or currently live alone. 

1. Living your best life

As cringe as this may sound, living alone has allowed me to establish a daily/weekly routine that works best for my life, with no compromise. No longer do I need to wait to use the bathroom, or eat at certain times. I can choose which show to watch on Netflix and can wait until I need a clean mug to wash up! Living alone has many difficulties, but being able go at your own pace and see what works for you is certainly a huge benefit. 

Also, living alone has allowed me to take time to reflect on how best I enjoy spending my free time, especially during this pandemic, when socialising outside of my flat is not an option. For me, lockdown 1.0 reignited my love for sewing and crafts, and so living alone during this lockdown has given me the freedom to tackle a bigger sewing project –  my first quilt! Quilting is one hobby that needs space to lay out the pattern and fabrics, so actually living alone has given me the flexibility to do this, without having to pack away away all my work after each sewing session,  saving lots of time. Living alone can help you realise what you exactly want to do with your free time at home to help you relax and unwind, and you may even discover an interest or hobby you never knew you had. 

2. You are capable of more things than you give yourself credit for 

Building flat pack furniture alone – tick

Perfecting a roast dinner for one – tick

Setting up utility bills and direct debits – tick

Living alone has shown me that I can adult, and whilst it’s not always smooth sailing, there’s a solution to most things.  In the past I have been so quick to call in for help or reassurance when making decisions around the home or when faced with a DIY task, however from just living alone for such a small time I already feel confident to tackle such tasks on my own and without help. 

This highlights that we are all capable of doing things that we might not have believed possible at first, and you should feel proud of your accomplishments, whether that’s changing smoke alarm batteries or building flat pack furniture – you can do it and you should have more self-belief. 

3. Only a phone call away 

Moving from living with my wonderful family to living with my best friends at uni, there was always someone around to chat to. Living alone and not bumping into someone in the kitchen or competing to use the bathroom in the mornings, has taken a short while to adjust to. 

But it is very important to remember that whilst you may not be able to physically see family or friends, due to the pandemic and perhaps distance, there is always a way you can connect with them online or over the phone. And if Covid has taught us anything, it’s that there is actually a limit on how many zoom quizzes are acceptable each week! 

If you feel you have no one you can call or talk to, regardless of whether you live alone or with others, there are numerous charities which have helplines you can call. Here are the details of some of these:  

Samaritans have a 24/7 helpline for when life gets difficult – call 116 123

Get Connected have a helpline for under 25s who need help and don’t know where to turn – call 0808 808 4994

SupportLine have a helpline for younger people experiencing loneliness – call 01708 765200

Mind provide advice on how to cope with loneliness here or call their infoline 0300 123 3393 

The Calm Zone runs a helpline for men in the UK, at any age, who feel down – call 0800 585858

I hope this post has shown some of the many positives of living alone and highlighted that you are never alone. I hope you have all had a lovely week and are saying safe. 

Eleanor x 


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