A brief life update…

Hello, how are you? Long time no see e.t.c. …

Well 2020 was certainly a strange old year and just as I found my blogging stride again, I then lost it twice as fast. That being said, I felt it was only about time to update my blog and where best to start that with a brief life update, to explain my blogging absence. Although with 2020 being so pants, I feel no explanations are in fact needed. 

After returning home in March, leaving uni for the unbeknownst last time (cry), spring quickly turned to summer as quickly as this student turned to graduate! Heading into a scary and uncertain job market was a difficult time and one which I would not wish upon my worst enemy. As someone who likes a plan and being a key writer of to do lists, being left to find employment in the midst of a pandemic, without having even said a proper goodbye to my uni chums, felt entirely unimaginable and quite the challenge. The realisation post-dissertation hand-in that I now needed to find employment, felt very ‘real’ indeed.

Fortunately, I have found a role within a charity and I am extremely grateful for being given this opportunity when so many people are struggling to find employment. Navigating this new role alongside flat searching and eventually relocating meant ultimately something had to give. That something was my blog. Now however, I have begun to find my new routine in my new (rented) flat, I can finally get back to writing and sharing my life’s musings. So please stay tuned!

What this all means for the blog?

Whilst I may not be able to try out new brunch places or recommend pancakes spots to you at the moment, I am going to try my best to resume writing content on sustainable fashion and lifestyle, as often as I can. I am in a lucky position where I am still (currently) working full time, so this content may not be as frequent as in the past, but I will try my very best to post weekly each Sunday. If you have any content you would like to see, please do let me know in the comments. 

I hope you all have a lovely week, stay positive and test negative! 

Eleanor x 


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