The next chapter…

And just like that my days of being a care-free student are over. “Welcome to the real world”, as some may say. Whilst I’m still currently working out the plot for the next chapter of my life (watch this space!), I wanted to reflect on the closing of the current one.


"In a world where you can be anything, be kind” These words resonate at this time. The current crisis has shown us the potential and power of kindness, in its ability to unite our nation, bring together local communities and strengthen our relationships with friends and family. These times have been tough, but acts of kindness, whatever they may be, are a saving grace, providing feelings of love, happiness and protection and the knowledge that you are never alone. Unsurprisingly, kindness was selected as the theme for Metal Health Awareness Week 2020.


Challenging the ‘trends culture’

The culture of trend shopping is damaging. Not only does it perpetuate inequalities within society but is extremely detrimental to our planet and those working along supply chains. If COVID-19 has highlighted anything, it is that as consumers we have become more conscious of what we buy, as we are faced with a change in our everyday priorities and lifestyles. Only shopping for essentials has shown us that prioritising needs over wants for the first time in decades is actually not that difficult. However, the fact that it’s taken a global pandemic to highlight this, only shows the importance of this message: trend culture is harmful to people and the planet.

Brands That Care

As promised, here’s a list of sustainable fashion brands that provide amazing alternatives to fast fashion. This list is not definite, and I’ll make sure to keep it updated when I discover other amazing brands. Do let me know if there’s any brands you think I should put on the list, celebrating their consideration for others and the planet!