Female Authors I Admire

Today is International Women’s Day and Thursday was world book day. The combination of these two important dates certainly marks the need for a new blog post. And what better way to celebrate the two than a few thoughts on some of my fave girl-boss authors. 

Jane Austen 

For those who haven’t read any of Austen’s classics, then I only have one question, why not? They may not be the easiest of reads at times, but the stories of love, friendship and marriage in the context of 18th century Britain means you loose yourself into a world of drama that you never knew could be so applicable to analysing your own relationships today. What’s more, Austen was a feminist before her time and there’s no greater author to remember on International Women’s Day.   

Liv Purvis 

Having released her debut novel the Insecure Girls Club in February, it may seem Liv is new to the writing game! However, Liv has the most wonderful blog, ‘What Olivia Did’ where she has created content regularly since 2010. Founding the Insecure Girls Club back in 2018, Liv gives the opportunity for girls worldwide to author pieces and express themselves creatively about common female insecurities. I can think of no other modern-day Girl Boss to add to this list. 

Sally Rooney 

A contemporary author whose debut fiction ‘Conversation with Friends’ was such a resounding hit, that the BBC are adapting the novel into a series. Penning the trials and tribulations of the ordinary millennials, Rooney is known to be the voice of a generation. For those interested in seeing a modern day criticism of capitalism, this is for you. 

Elizabeth Gaskell 

Another classical female author who depicted the lives of the Victorian poor in such a way that evokes the strongest reaction of emotion and shows the injustice of inequality. Being a northern author, her content becomes even more relatable, showing the lives of working class northerners in comparison to her depiction of the South. This is shown emotively in her novel ‘North and South’. The perfect author to highlight the #eachforequal 2020 campaign for International Women’s Day.

Heather Morris

Those of you who are familiar with the novel ‘Tattooist of Auschwitz’ may have heard of this #1 international and New York Times bestseller: Heather Morris. Her ability to produce a novel illuminating the importance of hope and courage, during humanity’s darkest days, highlights her empathy and care in adapting interviews with a Holocaust survivor in such an unforgettable way. This piece of historical fiction is equally as heart-breaking as it is thought-provoking. Morris’ sequel ‘Cilka’s Journey’ is on my to read list, and so it should be on yours.

Dolly Alderton

Author of best-selling autobiography ‘Everything I know About Love’, writer for The Sunday Times Style and Co-Host on the ever popular ‘High-Low’ podcast, is there anything Dolly Alderton can’t do? Creating relatable content and honest words, she has well and truly become a firm favourite amongst fans and rightly so, being an inspiration to aspiring female journalists worldwide.

These are just a few of the many talented female authors I have read, and there are plenty more I am yet to discover. Who are your favourite female authors, and what is your favourite novel? 


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