Bedroom Decor

As spring is in sight, I decided to have an early spring clean of my uni room, and obviously giving me another incentive to yet procrastinate studying. However, once hoovered and dusted, I found my room looked slightly lack-lustre and in need of some sprucing. 

Forget a tidy room, tidy mind and think of your room as a physical representation of your personality. As a student in a shared house, my bedroom is the only space in which I can call my own. Making my room a safe haven to escape the stresses of life has been a work in progress but finally I’ve reached a point in which I feel my room is complete. 

Candles lit, cushions plumped and a new print hung, I now can say I love my room. For those feeling uninspired by your bedroom, I’ve compiled a few ideas on how to jazz up a small room, to make it that extra bit cosy and full of personality. 

Prints, prints and more prints! 

As fellow renters will agree, command strips become your new best friend. Discovering this perfect way to hang up prints in my rented accommodation, meant that I’ve gone slightly print mad. But how can you say no to a print when it speaks to you personally?

And you just can’t go wrong with a framed print. Creating a mini gallery wall with artwork that inspires you not only makes the room look fuller but can add warmth and much needed colour to neutral coloured walls. What’s more there are so many print designs and independent artists to choose from that you can have fun experimenting with how best to display each piece. 


There’s a plant there for everyone. Maybe you struggle to keep them alive (maybe the faux plant life is the one for you) or maybe you have an indoor jungle (you can never have too many plants!), but one thing’s for certain, there’s always a small corner for a plant in any room. 

From cacti to terrariums, each plant adds different textures and colours, making your room look fresh and homely. Don’t forget the importance of a plant pot in tying together the colours in your room, making having a new plant friend seem effortless.

Subtle storage

If you’ve got a smaller room, the key to making it appear less full is having subtle ways of storing all your bits and bobs. From wire baskets to trinket dishes, there’s no better method of containing clutter, than to store it in a way that maintains the rooms aesthetic. 

Smells (the good ones!)

Finally, a small room can begin to feel stuffy after a short while. Importantly, candles and diffusers become your go to quick fix. Finding the perfect scent for your room is a fun task, and switching the scent up in different seasons, not only will feel comforting but will ensure your room continues to feel fresh. There’s no better feeling than burning a new candle, or opening a trying a new diffuser oil. 

What are you go to bedroom accessories, to make your house a home?


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