As the annual celebration of love has swiftly passed us by, like a fleeting holiday romance, it’s quite possible to forget the vital role love plays in all our lives, each and every day. Whatever your relationship status on Facebook, love transcends into our lives through the things, people and places we cherish. So, whilst Valentine’s Day 2020 might be over, there’s no better opportunity to fondly reflect on who and what we love. 

Here are a few notes of appreciation and love…

…to friends and family

Another year may have elapsed, life may have changed, but love always remains a constant. Security, kindness, empathy, humour, sympathy and wisdom are to name but a few qualities to which this love encompasses. Smiling through the good times and holding your hand through the tough times, there is no expression of love like it. At times life can become busy and derail your course, maybe temporarily or permanently, but never forget to appreciate those around you, who have always been there and will continue to be so.  

…to each other

Living in a bitterly divided world, sometimes it can be hard to see the light. But showing love towards each other, whoever that may be, is just as important now as it ever has been.  Whether it’s a random act of kindness, such as holding the door open for someone or complimenting a stranger, these acts never go unappreciated. For once we accept that we are all just humans, we’ll be able to appreciate the goodness of others more. 

…to our planet

Finally, and of the upmost urgency, a love to which everyone can share – our wonderful planet. Valentine’s Day can become misconstrued in today’s climate, focusing on the commerciality and consumerism of just one day. Stripping those bare and considering the impact of such idealism on our increasingly vulnerable environment, we can start to consider how our actions have an impact on our planet. 

Upon reflecting on our impacts, we can soon make subtle changes in how we treat the Earth we all share. For instance, from fast-fashion to slow, from plastic bottles and bags to re-usable, and from landfill to recycling, there are plenty of ways to show our appreciation and love for the planet. Only through collective action and solidarity can positive environmental change become possible. This planet that has given us so much, must be respected and loved for what it continues to provide.


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