The Joys of Volunteering

This time last year, I was stuck in a rut. With the knowledge that I’d completed half of my undergraduate degree, and with little or no extra activities to show for my time at university, I felt a drastic change needed to happen. 

The joys of doing a BA meant that minimal contact hours are a thing! And as much as I love reading, there’s only a certain amount of hours one can do each week before your brain turns to mush. And so, determined to change up my routine, I began considering my options.

Whilst wandering around York, I spotted a sign in a charity shop window that they were looking for a social media volunteer. Being a lover of Instagram and a fan of the occasional tweet, I figured there’d be no harm in applying. Low and behold, nearly a year later, I can’t imagine life without volunteering each Sunday.  

This week is Student Volunteering Week and the perfect chance to explore the world of volunteering. With so many options and worthy causes relying the help of volunteers to survive, this week may prove to be the inspiration needed to undertake a volunteering role.

The diverse range of volunteer opportunities available is huge. From local to national to international, charities to societies, political to environmental– there’s definitely a role out there to suit you. In a political climate currently underpinned by hostility and factions, coming together to volunteer and unite over common beliefs and passions can only have a positive effect on local communities.

Whilst volunteering may not be possible for everyone, with time and cost implications a hinderance, being more open to future volunteering opportunities is a wonderful attitude to have.  Remember there’s always a way in which you can make a difference, no matter how small. It is often those who go unnoticed that make the biggest impact.


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