A Day in Edinburgh

A Day in Edinburgh 

Last Sunday, I hopped on the train with two lovely chums, and headed to Edinburgh for the day. With my friends clued up on all things Edinburgh, and bargain train tickets found, we were all good to go. Headphones charged, book packed and camera ready, it was sure to be a jam-packed day. 

So, here’s what we got up to on my first trip to Edinburgh. 

First things first, a two-hour train journey with delays (classic), and not forgetting the early star, meant we were getting hangry as the train pulled into the station. With so many aesthetic, independent cafés to choose from, the decision was a difficult. However, by chance, we stumbled across a café named Broughton Delicatessen, which serves local, organic food. And boy, we were not disappointed! 

Opting for minty pea mash and poached eggs with sautéed kale and mushrooms, it was a brunch to remember, and made a change from the usual avocado on toast. We decided to share a large salad bowl to go alongside our dishes after spying the delicious, fresh salads on offer at the counter. 

With full bellies, we left to hit up some shops in the New Town. One shop that deserves a mention is Life Story, a Scandinavian led design store. Selling sustainable and ethically sourced products, this shop is certainly worth a visit for any homeware lovers. Tempting as it was to buy the whole shop, we left empty handed, although inspired by the scandi-vibe. 

Another shop to mention is McNaughtan’s Bookshop that sells and buys antique, and second-hand books. On entering the shop, to our surprise, we were offered a cup of tea! Commenting on this excellent customer service, the shop assistant explained that offering tea was commonplace in most independent bookshops in Edinburgh. Just another reason to love this city. 

Shops visited, we soon realised that time was escaping us, and decided to trek to the Castle, chasing the daylight. Seeing the views of the city from the Castle during golden hour made for some lovely lighting and snaps. 

Heading down the Royal Mile we were on our final mission to capture Victoria Street before the sun went down. This vibrant street hosting independent shops with multi-coloured exteriors is Scotland’s most photographed street and importantly the inspiration behind J.K. Rowling’s ‘Diagon Alley’. 

As the sun went down, we headed indoors to a café. An obvious choice was the Hula Juice Café which specialises in healthy food and drinks. There are two Hula Juice cafes in Edinburgh, however being in the Grassmarket area we popped into the one at the bottom of Victoria Street. Matcha latte’s drunk and sweet potato blondies eaten, we reflected on our wonderful day and got ready to board the train home. I may have left with a print from Hula to remember this amazing day. 

After been told by many a trusted friend that I’d instantly fall in love with the city, I had to see for myself. And now I can’t believe I got to 21 years old without visiting this wonderful place! I think I’ve found my new fave city. So what are your favourite places to see/visit in Edinburgh? There’s surely a lot of amazing places/cafés/shops to explore and I’m sure I’ll be back visiting very soon. 


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  1. So glad you enjoyed Edinburgh! It is such a beautiful city and it seems as though you hit up all of the best spots – there are so many cafes and spots in Bruntsfield and Stockbridge that are so up your street, but of course that is a lot of ground to cover in just one day!

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