Learning about the charity SolidariTee last year through friends, I was resolved to volunteer as a student rep in this academic year. This entirely student-run charity raises money to provide help for the international assistance of refugees and asylum seekers. With a host of student reps around the globe, this charity has made a positive impact to the lives of refugees and asylum seekers across Europe. 

But why now? 

Now more than ever, refugee camps over Europe are being subject to over-crowding and inhumane conditions. Many refugees have to wait years before being interviewed and their asylum status then determined. However, this means waiting and living in dangerous conditions, with dwindling hope and increasing uncertainty. 

The lack of legal aid available means most refugees are left without legal representation whilst undergoing this complex legal process. And this lack of representation has been noted with high deportation rates. In order to provide a fair decision process SolidariTee recognises that refugees require access to legal support. 

This is where the genius of the charity comes in. The charity has manufactured t-shirts and totes with unique and striking designs, all sold to raise money for legal aid grants. 

So, how can we help? 

Being a rep, I have a range of t-shirts to sell in different designs and sizes. Last year the t-shirts featured artwork by Sudanese artist Dar Al Naim, who aims to create dynamic look. This year’s tees where designed by the calligrapher Wahid Taraky, who as an Afghani asylum-seeker has based the designs on three core values he wishes to see radiated in the future: hope, peace and safety. 

For £10, every £8.41 goes directly to legal aid. The remainder goes to ethical manufacturing and administrative costs. 

By buying a t-shirt and wearing them, the goal of raising money and awareness for the plight of refugees and asylum-seekers is complete. If you would like any more information about the charity or are interested in buying a tee please let me know. Thanks in advance. 


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