NYC in Photos

A short while ago, although admittedly it feels a lifetime ago, I very luckily got the chance to visit the Big Apple with my family. In a whirlwind of a week filled with Christmas lights and bustle, we switched on tourist mode, crammed in all the art galleries possible and absorbed all we could of this fabulous city. 

Having been a blogging recluse in the past few months, there’s no better way to bounce back into writing than with a post all about the city ‘where dreams are made of’. And being a once in a lifetime trip, we made sure to capture our memories of wandering around this concrete jungle. 

So, here’s the trip to NYC in photos. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the holiday pics and seeing these snapshots of time. 

Coat: Jakke, Bag: Mulberry, Hat: Oliver Bonas
When you’re coat matches the background in NYC, it’s impossible to not take a pic!
Finally, my trip would have not been complete without a visit to the Friends Apartment. A very surreal moment.

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