A weekend in Oslo…

A lover of all things Scandi, when my sister invited me on a weekend break to Oslo, of course my answer was a BIG yes. 

After only a 1h 30 flight, we landed into the further of Oslo’s two airports, Torp. Despite this slight hiccup, we jumped onto a coach and soon were dropped off in central Oslo, with only google maps for comfort. 

Leaving the cases in our hostel, Anker Hostel, we realised the perfect way to enjoy the afternoon sun was only a short walk away: Oslo’s Botanical Gardens. Strolling through the multiple gardens, seeing the beauty of nature and stopping for sorbet was the perfect start to the weekend. 

Top tip: make sure to check out the glass houses, in particularly the Victoria glasshouse, named after the giant Victoria water lily – you won’t be disappointed! 

Luckily for me, and deffo unlucky for Hannah, we had landed in the middle of a heatwave in Oslo. As a compromise we headed out of the sun to the Munch gallery where we saw the iconic paintings by Edvard Munch, The Scream and the Madonna. 

In the evening we strolled down to the harbour, enjoying the cool evening breeze and an aperol spritz to toast the holiday. 

A new day meant time for new adventures. The first stop though: brunch. After googling the best spots, we decided on a café called Lieblings, where the iced lattes and acai bowls were next level! 

From there we headed back down to the harbour where we caught the ferry, after much confusion with the ticket machine, across the fjord to the island of Hovedøya. After wandering around the island, seeing the ruins of an old monetary and a local gallery, we headed to the pebbled beach to soak up some rays. Dodgy tan lines complete, we headed back to the mainland for a late lunch at a local restaurant. 

In the evening we went to one of Oslo’s many food halls, Mathallen, which offered the most scrumptious food going. Opting for Japanese food, I was not disappointed. 

We decided to take a walk after food to the Opera House, where a short walk up the side of the building gives you fabulous views of the city. Trying not to be blown away by the sea breeze, we wandered around the streets, soaking up Oslo’s Saturday night atmosphere.

A final full day in Oslo had lots to give. Using a 24h travel pass we hopped on the metro and a bus to the Viking museum, located on museum island. Entry to the museum gives you also entry to the Natural History Museum, located near the Botanical Gardens. After seeing all things Viking related, including original long boats and artefacts, we headed back outside to soak in the last of the sunshine. 

Finding yet another food hall, Vippa, for lunch, we sat outside with our street food enjoying the breeze. Walking along the coast we stumbled across Salt, described as a nomadic art project. The area had host of independent stalls selling food and alcohol, and also offered very comfy hammocks, much needed after our weekend of walking. Chilling here until our energy was fully restored, we went in search of Oslo’s Palace and Houses of Parliament.

Being assured we had seen all we could, we settled for a relaxing evening of food, cider and a stroll for the last time along the harbour.

Before our flight home, there was one thing to do: shopping! Having restrained ourselves all weekend, we took ourselves to Grünerløkka – the home of Oslo’s vintage and indie scene. Having found some gems, we then headed to the bus station, and waved farewell to Oslo. 


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