Top Glossier Make-up Picks

A follow up post to my fave Glossier skincare products was naturally only going to rave about all things that Glossier’s makeup line has to offer.  

My adolescence was certainly marked by many a make-up experiment, including bright orange foundations and thicker than thick kohl liners.  But reaching a consensus, now in my 20s and being a student who is too fond of a lie-in, I’m finally embracing my spot-prone, dry skin, one less product at a time. 

Preferring a more natural look, products that enhance not cover, Glossier was my go-to -choice of brand for achieving this. Minimal effort but yet maximum effect, I’m certainly a convert to the cause. 

Here are my top four make-up products from the original line that I use on the daily and will continue to be staples in my cosmetic bag for the foreseeable.  

Lash Slick

I’ve never been one to obsess over mascara – it’s not my make-up jam. Therefore, it goes without saying that I’ve never been loyal to that ‘one’ mascara. My expectations, as a result, were not very high on trying Lash Slick but oh boy (brow) was I wrong! 

For those who are anti-clump and pro-lengthening, this mascara works a treat.  Perfect for making your lashes look lush, but in a subtle, minimal way. Although if its volume you’re after, then this product is probably not the right fit for you.  

Easy to remove, with just warm water, the vegan formula is non-irritant or harsh around the eyes, ideal for those, like me, with unpredictable and sensitive skin.  

Used in conjunction with eyelash curlers, Lash Slick is buildable and long-lasting, with a light weight formula, not affecting the curl of your lashes.  Eye for one am not planning on replacing this product in my make-up back for a while.  

Stretch Concealer 

It’s hard to conceal my love for this product. This is for sure the one product I would recommend to anyone, regardless of their concealer views.  

The buildable nature is perhaps what makes the product so great. Ideal for covering blemishes, and dark circles, but also can be worked up to great a base for the days when minimum make-up is desired, for instance in the summer months. The versatility of this product is wide-stretched.  

The formula makes the concealer so easy to apply, and I tend to use either a beauty blender or full coverage foundation brush for an even and blended application.  

The current rebranding of the product has brought around an increased range of shades, encompassing the concealer needs of most, making it truly a fab product.  

Cloud Paint 

A pop of colour for your cheeks; a natural blush never looked so radiant.  

The no brush application allows you to build up the right amount of colour you wish for, without ever over-applying.  The creams are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way.  Perfect for adding a natural, healthy glow without powder and pressed formulas, that can make the skin appear dry.  

Forget the dull days of old, a glowy and dewy finish is guaranteed with a dab of cloud paint.  Application with your fingertips allows you to build-up the level of colour from a drop to a POP, however you wish to rock the glow. 

Your head will be in the clouds upon applying the dreamy cheek tint.   

Brow Boy 

A product that for sure has the brow-factor ! 

This one has saved my eyebrow game. Being at Uni and not having my eyebrows tamed and tinted regularly meant one thing, the need to invest in a brow boy for all my eyebrow needs. Gone have the gaps and misshapen hair, replaced by brushed and filled (attempts at least) brows.  

Feeling bare without my eyebrows on, opting for a coloured brow-boy means I can add depth and texture to the brow subtly whilst allowing me to feel like myself once more.  

The staying power of the product is fab, with my eyebrows never taking their own course of action and smudging.  For those who are not interested in a tinted version, the clear Brow Boy also has the same setting formula without any colour – a perfect way to set those pesky hairs. 

All in all, Brow Boy is one boy never to forget.  

Though remember, whatever your make-up preferences, as long as you stay true to yourself, lipstick or not, your beauty will shine through.  


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