Glossier skincare guide

Rapidly leaving my teenage years and with that my youthful glow, meant skincare was ever more on my radar. With so many products on the market, all making impressive and hyperbolic claims, I was in need of a skincare revolution, and with that a ‘what’s what’ guide too.   

When Glossier began shipping to the UK back in 2017, I was of course sucked into the hype.  For what aesthetic seeking gal can resist the pink pouches and the distinctive branding ? Cruelty free and all about the natural glow, maybe this brand was going to bring around my late on-set ‘glow-up’ (I’m still hopeful !)

Now having used Glossier for a good year, I can safely say I am a convert to the skincare cause. Gone are the days of face wipes and morning after make-up. Finding a skin care routine that works for me, easy and simplistic for the laziest of mornings, has made all the difference.  

Waking up five minutes earlier to cleanse, or maybe staying up five minutes later to do a face mask, is no chore. For to feel good in your natural skin, blemishes and all, is always worth the time. And thanks to Glossier, my time is never wasted.  

So here are my fave Glossier skincare products that I would be completely lost without !

The Balm DotCom

A staple in my washbag, handbag and coat pocket. This faithful friend never leaves my side.  For someone with dry skin, even the mildest of winter days comes with the dread of dry, chapped lips. Yet since using the Balm Dot Com, I can no longer go back to other products, which I found sometimes made my lips even worse.  

With the tinted variants adding some spice to the lips, and the texture being very soothing and moisturising, I find myself reaching for the product more and more, perhaps somewhat of a self-confessed lip balm addict.  

If out of any product you are to try, let this be the one. Trust. There’s a reason for its’ cult status ! 

Priming Rich Moisturiser 

What to say about this beauty. A masterpiece in a pot.  The thick, creamy texture is perfect for the nights when extra nourishment is needed. Taking time to sink deep into the skin, the moisturiser never leaves a greasy or uncomfortable feel. What’s more, waking up to soft and supple skin gives the feeling of a true overnight facial. I would say perhaps this version is best for those with dry skin, 

The companion to this product, the priming moisturiser, is therefore probably best placed for those with combination or normal skin types.  I use this in the mornings after cleansing and applying a serum, as my skin is not in need of as much moisture.  Applying make-up over this leaves no lines or streaks, and absorbs into the skin quickly. 

Super Bounce 

Being somewhat a sceptic of serums, probably due to the crazy prices of some on the market, I always skipped out this stage.  But after seeing a few reviews of the Glossier serums, which seem reasonably priced in comparison, I thought I’d give this a cheeky go. And boy was I surprised! 

Applying each morning has certainly improved the dullness of my skin and has helped restore some suppleness. Taking minutes to soak into the skin, this step helps with even makeup application and is a step I will no longer actively skip. 

Milk Jelly Cleanser 

For someone with dry, sensitive skin, this cleanser has been a hero. Not stripping my skin of all its oils, and leaving me bare, the cleanser is soft and calming, but effective at what it does. 

For a smallish bottle, the product does last and can be used in conjunction with other products for removing make-up and cleansing the skin thoroughly. 


A final product in my faves, this one is perhaps the most transformational to my skin.  Although relatively calm, I used to suffer with hormonal breakouts, leaving occasional scars and redness. After reading several reviews praising the product, I felt it was only time to check it out for myself. 

For this, I am thankful. Soaking two cotton pads with the solution each morning, I have found not only have my breakouts been minimal but that my pores have reduced in size.  The exfoliating nature means that any dead skin cells are wiped away, leaving my skin in tip-top condition to be moisturised.  

Anyone suffering with breakouts, this product if used over a sustained period of time can be a miracle worker. 


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  1. I’ve heard nothong but good things about the Glossier range, i’m definitely gonna have to invest in some products! Thanks for sharing 💕💕

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