All that glitters…

… is gold vermeil.

Like many, I believe jewellery to be a staple in many wardrobes, adding character and a subtle shine to all outfits. The unique combination of different pieces only makes an outfit more interesting, with my choice of gold jewellery seeming to be a rouse for many a question. 

Unaware at the time that skin tones supposedly play a part in the jewellery you choose to wear, I opted to grow my collection of yellow gold coloured jewellery a few years ago, although I’m not averse to silver adornments, with a mix of the two providing an ‘edgier’ look.  

Jewellery can be a very personal and sentimental accessory, with many a piece proving invaluable to the owner.  The beauty of these accessories means that the individualist nature shines through to complement not only your personal style but also reveal a subtle clue as your true nature.  

As such, I figured I’d talk about my daily jewellery essentials; those pieces to which I hold dear and how I style them. 

Jumping straight on the bandwagon with my love for layering necklaces. This trend has been around for a couple of years now, but my love for it has flourished in recent months. Ever inspired by insta posts and celebrities wearing multiple pieces of all different lengths, I attempt to recreate this look on the daily. Having a few sentimental pieces gifted from family and friends, I tend to layer them over tops. As the chain lengths are all different, you can clearly see all the elements to each necklace, which adds detail and an element of interest to any look.

Moving to bracelets and I have four pieces I like to wear each day. Bracelets are perhaps an item of jewellery I unintentionally neglect, especially in winter, when my wrists are well covered in oversized knitwear.  However still as important as any other piece, they tie my outfit together and sit elegantly alongside my watch, to which I’d be lost without! 

My favourite items of jewellery are rings, most probably because they are so very versatile in their nature. A collection of rings all in different sizes means that you can really go to town with the stacking and creation of different looks. Allowing this creativity makes a look yet more intriguing and I love playing around with what rings work together or the age old question of how many is too many ? (answer: no such thing as too many rings!)

Finally, on to earrings and here I am probably the most versatile with my look. Having currently eight ear piercings, I find a mismatch approach to be the most appropriate and easiest for my aesthetic and to maintain. Instead of having a daily go-to order of earrings, I opt for single gold studs and mini hoops, alongside bigger hoops mainly in my first piercing.  Playing around with the order of the earrings is a fun way of adding a subtle quirkiness to my look that is not overtly in your face. 


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