3 things I’ve learnt from living alone…

As I mentioned in my brief life update, I am currently living alone in my rented flat. The main factor in relocating was for my work and, I won’t lie, being further from my family during the pandemic has been tough, especially going into our currently lockdown (Jan 2021). However, from just living alone for such a short time, I have learnt a few positive lessons that I thought I’d share, in case any of you are considering living alone or currently live alone.


Let’s talk about plants…

Moving into a new flat meant one thing - time for some more plants! Staying home pretty much 24/7 in 2020, I wanted to create a space that was relaxing and comforting, and what better than a bunch of plants to keep my zen. Staying true to this in 2021, (with another national lockdown to thank!) I am embracing the dutch idea of niksen - stress management by doing nothing - and what better way to embody this idea than by doing nothing in my own indoor jungle.

A brief life update…

Hello, how are you? Long time no see e.t.c. ... Well 2020 was certainly a strange old year and just as I found my blogging stride again, I then lost it twice as fast. That being said, I felt it was only about time to update my blog and where best to start that with a brief life update, to explain my blogging absence. Although with 2020 being so pants, I feel no explanations are in fact needed.

A peek inside your wardrobe: 5 things you will discover

Over lockdown, I've been living in the same repeated outfits, mainly consisting of old leggings, pjs and hoodies. Feeling uninspired to wear anything other than comfort whilst at home over the past several weeks meant that everyday has felt like a Sunday. At first this was very welcomed, but the novelty quickly began to wear off. Being somewhat over enthusiastic about the prospect of wearing jeans to the supermarket, I knew something had to change. This is when I decided to open up my wardrobe and invite my much loved clothes back into my lockdown life.

Sustainable Black-Owned Businesses to Support

Having seen so many wonderful black-owned businesses being highlighted last weekend on social media, for the first #BlackPoundDay, I have realised how much control we as consumers have over how and where we spend our money. We can and should choose to support those brands who are actively anti-racist and wave goodbye to those who are not, but more importantly we should support the black-owned economy above all else, by using our power of the purse to make much-needed change.